About Us All You Need to Know

Deebies was established in 2010 as a solution to the time-consuming and sometimes complex nature to selling on eBay. Our aim was to help individuals, businesses and charities sell items easier and without the hassle often associated with selling items online.
It soon became apparent that businesses (including charities) benefited from our service more than individuals and so, at the start of 2013, Deebies was reinvented as an eBay Trading Assistant service for business and charity.

We offer two main services that we like to call 'Sell With Deebies' and 'Full Branded Solution'. Our eBay Trading Assistant service (Sell With Deebies) offers clients a full end-to-end service to sell their surplus stock, end of line items, returned products (and much more) on eBay. Our other full service (Full Branded Solution) entails Deebies fully managing your eBay store thus giving your brand a place on eBay. However, we also offer all clients the opportunity to break down our full solutions to create a service tailor made for your business.

As one of the world's largest online marketplaces eBay is the perfect platform when selling online and/ or seeking an extra sales channel. We feel it is too large a channel to ignore for all business and charity sellers, and we can offer the expertise to help you gain a presence for your products/ brand.
Our Mission

To offer and create solutions for businesses and charities looking to outsource their eBay activities.

Our Values

Quality, Passion, Knowledge.
We genuinely care about our work and your success. We use our knowledge and expertise to ensure you succeed when selling via eBay.

Our aim is to offer quality listings and maintain high qualities reflected in customer feedback (all of our accounts have 99.7% positive, or over, feedbacks with the majority at 100%)
eBay is our passion and drives us to ensure you are successful on this channel.
With over 10 years experience of buying and seling on eBay we have not only built up an understanding, but have great knowledge about this platform.

Why Choose Deebies?

As Our Values above state we are passionate about our work and genuinely care about your success on eBay. We feel that eBay should now be a major part of all business strategies and we can help your company take advantage of this channel.

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Our Clients

  • Deebies - The Children's Society
  • Deebies - Corsets Boulevard Global Ltd.
  • Deebies - King Underground
  • Deebies - Hartdean Ltd.
  • Deebies - Cope & Timmins UK Ltd.
  • Deebies - mondeo-bits.co.uk
  • Deebies - Statement.
  • Deebies - Arrows Self Storage

What Our Clients Say

''..Deebies have consistently offered an excellent and professional service which is clearly reflected in the buyer's feedback. Deebies are excellent at researching the various items they list for us and their communications with buyers and potential buyers is highly professional and courteous - even when incoming communications can sometimes be unreasonable...''

Paul Tate
The Children's Society
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